Organisational Design and Development

Organisations are constantly evolving – some grow, some shrink, some stay local, some spread their wings oversees. We can help with all of your reorganizational needs – from developing business case to implementation. Here are some of the projects that we’ve handled:

  • Restructures – start to finish, organisational design, consultations, redundancy and recruitment activities, developing and communication of changes to operating models
  • Insourcing and outsourcing – whether you create an internal shared service model or outsourcing your services, we have substantial experience on creating best in class HR shared services with motivated employees focused on quality customer service in this high transactional environment or working with a provider to ensure they enhance your reputation.
  • Off shoring – we have substantial experience in setting up service hubs in the Americas, Middle East and Africa. We are no strangers to language, legal, statutory and tax complexities, in fact, we thrive on it. Coaching and engaging with different cultures is our speciality.