HR Transformation

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We have expertise in organisational integrations and restructures, policy and process improvement and HR systems implementations.


In our experience, we find that the money raised by the third sector is usually used for front-line services. Rightly so. As charities compete for funding and grow through acquisitions, within HR, some consideration is needed on reviewing the processes, systems and people skills to cope with future growth.

We have always found this to be a major dilema for charities – the organisations who need to be efficient so as not to drain money from front-line services unfortunately are the very ones who cannot afford to invest in the systems and consultancy services which would bring efficiency. So Liberate decided to do something about it …… We offer a special low rate for all charitable organisations looking for project management skills to transform their HR organisation. If you belong to a charity and want to hear more then contact us on : 01639 849999 It’s our way of playing our part for some great causes!